Hat Sizing Guide

When measuring your head always measure to the nearest whole centimetre. When ordering a hat we advise to size up to the nearest cm. Measuring in centimetres, rather than inches, also provides a more accurate head size.

In order to measure your head, take a flexible measuring tape and measure around the back of your head to the middle of your forehead. 

Generic sizes are approximate sizes, where possible we will give more accurate sizes in the product description.

If you find a hat is very slightly too big, and the next size down is too small, sometimes either stuffing the sweatband with a bit of felt or stitching a pleat in the sweatband will help.

Hat Measuring Chart

Head Size
Head Size
UK SizeGeneric Size
5320 3/46 1/2XS
5421 1/46 5/8Small
5521 5/86 3/4
56226 7/8Medium
5722 1/27
5822 3/47 1/8Large
5923 1/47 1/4
6023 5/87 3/8XL
61247 1/2
6224 1/27 5/8XXL
6325 1/47 3/4

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